Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm back and thankful.

Good Morning! I am back and 100%. I hope none of you get the flu/swine flu or anything that bad. I am now fully better and back to my normal mommy/wife self.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up. I am going to post something daily that I am thankful for. I then am going to compile them into a poem for my family for Thanksgiving. A few of my friends from my church, where we used to live are doing this daily post thing on Facebook. I thought it was a good idea. I was already going to write a poem for Thanksgiving. This will actually make it easier :). Feel free to join me and post something daily as well.

~I am thankful for big fat juicy cheeseburgers with DH after going to the gym for 3.5 hours.

Today I am gratefully sore. Not like the body aches from the flu. These aches feel good, they are from working out yesterday. I went to my spin class, sculpt class and yoga class. FULL BODY workout and fun!! Then I went with DH to lunch and had a big fat juicy cheeseburger. YUMM I know those 3.5 hours at the gym out the WINDOW with a few yummy juicy delicious bites. I do NOT regret it ONE LITTLE BIT!!!!

I also wonder if anyone has heard of or uses the website www.winnit.com
I saw if on Rachael Ray yesterday. I am just looking for feedback on it. DH is very sceptical.


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