Friday, December 11, 2009

14 days! and I have to do what?!

WOW I just realized that the Friday after next is Christmas! That means:
Next week is the last full week of school
Next week I need to get everything in the mail.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE school pictures come back!!!!!
Next week I need to make sure I have all the groceries I need for Christmas Eve food and Christmas dinner ( baking stuff is good to go!)
Next week I need to get the dogs hair groomed.
Next week I need to buy stocking stuffers.
Next Thursday progress reports come home. That will determine if K has a good break or a bad break. She was grounded for most of the Thanksgiving break for back talking. I hope Christmas break is much better!

I need to ramp up my workouts for all the goodies I'm going to be eating.

I need to get an Angel from the Angel tree and purchase and drop off gifts...but we first need to decide if we are doing the Angel tree, toys-for-tots or Samaratin's Purse Operation Christmas Child. Since we are on a limited income we can't do all 3 but maybe 2 of the above. I need to do something, we are blessed with what we have and I need to give back. I am sad there a less fortunate people. Some kids won't get anything at all.

I remember one year. I was 6 or 7, I still believed in Santa. My aunt was a single mom and didn't have a job, and could not afford to get ANYTHING for my younger cousins. My mom sat me down and told me that since they just moved Santa wouldn't know where they were. It would be really sad for my cousins to not get anything for Christmas so she told me she got me the thing I most coveted (a rub-a-dub dog) but that we needed to give it to my cousin. I was sad because I really wanted it. I did not however go without that Christmas, but I never got that dog. I never missed it really. We also gave my cousins 2 of my cabbage patch dolls my parents bought for me and I'm sure some other things but I don't remember.

I can not tell you what I got for Christmas that year. But I can tell you what I sacrificed for someone I loved. I really think that is the first year I realized what Christmas and the feeling of giving was about. I wasn't allowed to tell my cousins what we did, and you know what?! To this day I haven't!

Please if it's in your power. Please give something to someone less fortunate. It may make a huge difference to them. As well as canned and non-perishable foods.

Have a blessed weekend.


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