Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can laundry determine your priority?

While doing laundry today, I had a thought.

Everything started out normal. Put a load in the washer, dryer, fold, put-away REPEAT!

I fold the laundry and put it in piles by person. Shirts for K, shirts for me, shirts for hubby, pants for K, pants for me, pants for hubby and so-on-and-so-forth. I usually put K's clothes away first (unless she is here then she has to do it herself.) Then I put mine away, then I put hubby's up. I don't put his away, I either put it in a basket for him to put away or on top of his dresser. He is particular about his t-shirts some are hung up some are folded (the way he likes) and put away. I figured since I'm not doing his shirts for him, why put away his socks, boxers, pants ect. So he puts it away, and doesn't complain, but doesn't do it in a timely manner either. *sigh*

The last load I put away I put mine away first. It felt weird. As I walked past K's room to go to mine with my freshly washed warm, nicely folded clothes, I thought I never put my stuff away first.

That made me think. Is the way I put laundry away the way I set my priorities in the house or my life? Do I really put K first, me second and hubby last? He has said this before but I didn't think much of it, I thought he was being selfish. hmmm I am guilty of putting K before him. I know this isn't right or the way it should be done. I have to make it a conscience thought to not do that. I think as mom's we naturally put our kids first because we know our hubby's are grown and can take care of themselves.

However, this got me thinking. When I put meals on the table, I put k's first, then hubby's, then mine. Maybe that is how my priorities really are? Maybe I put his laundry up last because I am not actually putting it away, just up?

It's most likely the last one.

Either way it's something to think about.


  1. Hello!! I just saw your comment on my blog and had to come visit. Your right, Doty isn't a common name. Lately, though it seems we are finding a bunch! My husbands family is originally from Illinois, but most of them are out here in Utah now. My brother is dating a girl, who's grandma was a Doty and she is from Oklahoma. It's a small world! Were all related, though if you trace it back to the Mayflower. Atleast, that's what my in-laws tell me :).

    Intresting post. I alway's take care of my kids first. And I've thought that too, about how I put them before my husband. It just seems to be the way most moms are, I think!

  2. That is so cool. I tried to trace it (the name) but didn't get far. The weird thing is. When I was in high school (by then we moved to Florida WAY south for most Doty's) There was a boy who was about 4 years before me with the same last name. ALL the teachers asked me if I was Jake Doty's little sister..LOL.. There are a lot of us :)

    Thanks for stopping by VERY DISTANT cousin :)