Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My least welcome aunt visiting....

Ugg AuntFlow..... I have noticed as I get older it seems to get worse. The cramps, moodiness, and sleepiness. I am not on the pill and she always seems to come as a surprise. Don't get me wrong we are not trying to get pregnant, that is not the reason for the lack of birth control. The fact that I am forgetful is the lack of birth control. I am awful about taking pills. I don't even take anything for headaches or pains unless it is unbearable or I have to go somewhere. The other types of birth control don't work for me.. I hate shots, I'm not getting ANYTHING implanted in me, I tried the patch and it made me so sick. So we use nothing, if we get pregnant fine if not fine..

That being said, I don't keep track of Aunt Flow. She just swings by, hopefully at night or when I'm at home!

My first day everything is bad, including cramps and headaches..uggg... needless to say even though it's going to be in the 60's today. I will not be going for my run :(

That's my luck. Aunt Flow's timing is NEVER good!

Also I have to call overstock.com today to get my money back for yet the 2nd shipment that didn't come. Not the best day to do that either. But since it was Christmas presents I need to get my money back so I can go to a store and get these items and get them in the mail to Florida.

SPEAKING of mail.. I have so much stuff to mail. I will be using fedex for my parents and the in-laws, they are very fragile and one it so huge the post office doesn't have a box to fit it! lol

Happy Tuesday my bloggy friends :)


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