Monday, December 14, 2009

My 12 week program has did I do on day 1? And Have you ever used I'm angry!

I did GREAT!
They always say writing down what you eat will keep you on track. The fitbook I got not only has a place for you to write what you ate but you check off the fruits/veggies/grains/protein/ect to make sure you get what you need! I actually found myself planning my food around that!

For today
my workout:
60 min Spin Class
20 min free weights 10 and 5 pds-arms, shoulders and back.

I would have done a sculpt class and yoga class, but the sculpt class was full and I didn't want to wait for the yoga class :(

Steel cut oatmeal with splenda brown sugar and cinnamon
hard boiled egg

Chili (I was cold and wanted something warm so I made a pot of chili- I used 1 can kidney beans, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 pack of soy crumbles, cumin and chili powder)
2 celery stalks
4 thick slices of cucumber

10 cherries
hard boiled egg
10 almonds
and a pear.. (I was hungry!)

Dinner: still pretty hungry..
2 chili turkey dogs (with the chili from lunch and low calorie whole wheat bread 50 cal a slice)and a few onions on top
green beans

1 square of chocolate.

and I am still under my calories for the day.. only by about 30 or so but still!!!

I am not hungry anymore either.. dinner hit the spot.

Tomorrow I am going to add a snack after my workout and before lunch..I hope that will make the afternoon hunger not so bad..

On another note.. I ordered some stuff from they said delivered and I never got it, the post office didn't have it.. so I contacted them and they said they would send a replacement. I got a message saying the replacement shipped. I've tracked and again says delivered and yep you guessed it... I don't have it.. ugggg these are christmas presents. I am calling them to get my money back I am sick of this and will never use them again! Has this happened to anyone else who used them?


  1. Great job! You are off to a great start on your fitbook!! I have found that writing things down is helpful, also. I never really realized how much I snacked or nibbled throughout the day until I started writing it down.

    I've bought one item from and didn't have a problem. That stinks so much that they are giving you a hard time with your Christmas gifts! Where is their holiday spirit? :)

  2. thanks! You are right. It really is better to write down what you eat. You are less likely to snack if you have to write it down!

    GRRR about I am so irritated.

    How are you doing on your journey? :)