Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What do you eat on Christmas Eve?

What do you eat on Christmas Eve. Christmas is full of cooking and a big meal. You don't want leftovers. Do you go out, order pizza, make sammies?

I'm not sure what we are doing. I think we will have soup. Something light. I've been eating mostly raw veggies today (trying to "clean" everything out). Tomorrow is more raw veggies for me, but the family needs MORE lol.

I am just curious what everyone does. I need ideas :)



  1. I am going to be home by myself tomorrow night, so I am planning a night of baking and wine. Will probably just be light and snacking for me! Last year we did 2 big dinners... it was definitely over the top.

  2. Tomorrow night I am having a Christmas Eve dinner at my house with my dad and family. So I am going to make prime rib. Then Xmas is ham!