Monday, October 26, 2009

blah weekend

Today is Monday. I wish I could say we had a fantastic weekend. If your idea of fantastic is sitting at urgent care with a ton of sick people for all afternoon Saturday. Then I suppose we did.

While we were at Urgent care, this lady and her 3 sons were sitting in front of us. Only one of them were sick, I know this because the sick people had to wear masks over their nose and mouth. Everyone is afraid of H1N1. Not only was the youngest one (not the sick one) bouncing all over the place which drove me nuts!! BUT they were ALL drinking sugary sodas. Really? I'm not judging, ok yes I am a bit. But if you know you are going somewhere that you know your kids are going to have to be sitting for a while, then sugary soda is NOT a good idea. Especially if one is sick.. There aren't many immune boosting properties in that stuff. If they were drinking Orange or Apple Juice that would have been different. I know liquids are important when you are sick.. We let K bring a drink. It was the LARGE refillable water bottle she has had by her side all weekend!! And yes it had water in it...

I am happy to report her fever broke this morning. She isn't at school today though. They don't want them to go back until they are 24 hrs free of fever! So tomorrow back to school. I am so glad she is feeling better BUT wow am I going to have a hyper child on my hands all day. She spent all weekend, laying around and just plain not feeling well. WAY different story today! I am not going to lie, I did sort of enjoy laying in bed with her for most of the day yesterday watching movies :)

I remember when I was a kid and I was sick. My mom would get me a little gift at the store when she either went to get my school work or my prescription or something. I suppose that has carried on to me, because while I was at Walgreen's getting K's prescription and meds, I walked past the snuggie for kids. I have been so against these forever, I thought why not just wear your robe backwards?! She has been asking for one for a while though, even though she has an adult robe that was intended to be worn as a snuggie. WELL, yes I did, I bought her the snuggie for kids. It also came with "cozy socks" and it was pink! She LOVES it, she wore it all day yesterday and even slept in it. She told me a few times that she loves the "cozy socks" they are so cozy she says. I was just glad I made my little girl feel better, in spite of her feeling so bad.

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