Friday, October 23, 2009


There are many reasons I love Friday's.
~No homework
~I don't have to cook on Friday's, it's usually Pizza or we go out
~I can sleep in the next morning (if I remember to shut the alarm off)
~last day of the week for my spin/step/and yoga classes. ( even though I haven't been this week, dealing with Hannah passing and not feeling well I opted to stay home!)
~We usually spend most of the night catching up on all the TV shows we DVR'd during the week.

That are just a few of the things that came to me. However Saturday's are even better because I can sleep in and we usually do some family activity together and maybe watch a movie.

Sunday's are hands down the BEST day of the week
. Sunday is the day we sleep in, got to church, come home and I watch to football games I want to see, I don't need to watch them all like DH. It is also "classic Movie Sunday", I find an old movie on AMC, TMC or the fox classic movie channel some Sundays they play better movies than other. Some actually are so good and memorable they come to mind often. Others not so much. I do not do any housework on Sunday MAYBE I'll wash sheets but that's it! We also generally have a good "country farm dinner". We do not live on a farm, nor have we ever. But the meals we have on Sunday are meals I imagine one would have on a farm, the meat, fresh veggies, fresh rolls or bread ect. Sometimes we make out own pizza (fresh dough and all) but Sunday's are a day for down home food... and Finally, the best TV shows are ALL on Sunday night! SO many we DVR and have to watch later in the week.

Fridays are great, Saturday are awesome family time, but Sunday is just the BEST day of the week.. I don't know why I got off on a tangent this blog was supposed to be about how great Friday's are....... *sigh*

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