Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Power of Yoga

Today I went to the gym. I did 3 classes. The first class was a pretty fun one called Zumba, it's a dance class. The second one was a HARD one, it mixed step aerobics with strength training. The last one was Yoga. So you may think, as I did, ah Yoga a good way to relax after 2 hours of intense cardio/strength training classes. WRONG, the Yoga class was the HARDEST. Maybe it was because it was my last and I had already sweated and used my muscles for 2 hours. I'm not sure. I has been YEARS since I took a yoga class. In fact it was years before Kayla was born!

Although the yoga class was very relaxing. I can see how my muscles need stretched and strengthened. I will be going back, in fact Mon, Wed and Fri. I will still be attending the other classes too, except the Zumba is only Wed. On Mon and Fri it's a spin class.

I ALSO need to work on the relaxing that yoga will help me with. The instructor gave some good tips. She said to do yoga poses during commercials on TV, or after each chapter you read, or after 5-10 min on the computer do a one min pose. I think I will do this. Not only for my mind and body (no I didn't turn hippie lol) but so I don't LOOK like the rookie when I go back to class :)

Another bit of advise she gave us, was to not let anything bother us today. Just let it go.. I was doing good. I cleaned my mat, put it away and put my shoes and socks on (btw I LOVE anything you can do barefoot!!) gathered my belongings, said my goodbyes. Got to my car. THEN as I was backing out, the guy wanting my spot so graciously backed up so I can get out. As I was backing out the HUGE black truck beside me, whose owner happend to be waiting to get into his truck.. Why couldn't he you ask? Because he parked WAY too close to me.. I know it was HIM who parked too close because this is almost 11:30 and I got to the gym about 7:50 and that truck wasn't whom I parked next too. I let it go and backed out didn't hit his truck or HIM and ignored the annoyed look on his face, or maybe it was worry... WELL MISTER DON'T PARK SO CLOSE TO SOMEONE NEXT TIME! Ok so all good right? NO, As I put my car into gear there was a car in front of me with the reverse lights on and a van in front of him coming the other way. I have not clue what this car is doing so I back up and straighten out. His reverse lights are STILL on.. by now the advise I received in class was flying out the window. I was getting upset wondering WHAT in the world can't he just DRIVE? I can't back up any further, by now there are cars behind me. Finally the mini van backs up and I drive around the idiot with the reverse lights on.. as did the 3 cars that had backed up behind ME... Low and behold the idiot was trying to back up because there was a car trying to back out. The car trying to back out was behind him.. This is how lazy and greedy this guy was. HONESTLY what's the deal. I mean you ARE at the GYM would it hurt you to park across the street and walk?

So I guess my calming mindset left the gym when I did... I really need to work on that with my future yoga classes.

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