Friday, October 23, 2009

it really woks

Let me start my saying this is not a product review. The company didn't ask me to review this (I don't even know who the company is) and I had to pay for it.. $2.50 at Target in the "dollar bin".

Has anyone seen these? It's a terry cloth headwrap. I bought it because it was cheap but I didn't think it would really work. I LOVE IT.. it does look REALLY dorky, but I don't go out in public with it on. I can put it on after I towel dry my hair and it stays in place until I'm ready to take it off (there is a button that goes through and elastic band in the back!)

The other options are letting my wet hair drip EVERYWHERE and annoy me and everyone else, blow dry it immediately, which isn't healthy for your hair to do daily. OR wrap it in a towel (the way I did before I got this). The towel ends up falling to the side and/or falling off. I always had to get dressed before I put it on, since no shirt would fit over that HUGE towel on my head. SO I would end up getting my shirt wet and I never got a good "wrap" the 2nd time. I only got a good wrap if I did it right out of the shower.

So I may look like a goober but it works! I know the picture looks stupid but I wanted to include an image and I couldn't find a good one online.

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  1. LMAO I saw one of these at target today! I laughed when I saw it, thinking it probably wasn't big enough and wouldn't work good. I wish I would have read this earlier!!