Friday, October 30, 2009

yumm- middle of the night ramblings

Can I just say YUMMM!!!!

I know the Twilight series was made for teenagers blah blah blah... But I am well NOT a teenager and I have read all the books and LOVE them. Some may think I have an unhealthy obsession with Vampires.. I say NO not vampires just Edward Cullen.. Is he NOT just the PERFECT guy... *SIGH* I am so glad that in about 3 weeks New Moon comes out. I will be going to see it ALONE since DH won't go with me. lol If he ONLY knew what Edward Cullen can do to a girl then I think he'd want to go, probably 10 or more times!!!!! lol

I know the man behind Edward is Robert Pattinson, HOTTIE... Especially with his British accent... but I DO LOVE his voice as Edward..*sigh*. I can honestly say I like him with brown/golden eyes better then the blue he has naturally, SORRY ROBERT lol...

Ok these are the ramblings of the sleep deprived.. I took a nap this afternoon because I had a killer headache that wouldn't go away. NOW 3 movies later and some excedrine later it's gone and I am WIDE awake.

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