Saturday, October 31, 2009

the things we do for our kids

Yes this IS me.. I was wonder woman for Halloween.. K was super girl and our dog was Kripto. We were themed! I'm not so good at photo shop so a heart is the best I could do over K's face LOL...

That brings me to another point. Many people are fine with posting pics of their kids, that is great. The kids are beautiful and that's your thing. I am glad you do that.

However, I choose not to post pictures of my daughter it's just my preference. I don't mind posting pics of me though.

Ok enough about that!
So back to my original reason for this blog. Yes we themed. K wanted super girl and found a wonder woman for me so I gave in.. I thought it would be fun.. I spent almost 20 min on my hair, I used my bump-it to get that 60's look, I curled and hair sprayed and curled some more WHEW.. then the headband made me sweat and was itchy, I ended up taking off my boot covers and cape (the dog got my cape). My "bullet proof bracelets" were itchy, and the darn thing was too big for me.. I was pulling it up all night (ok for the hour I was in it)... I could NOT wait to take a shower and wash the sweat off of me and was all that gunk out of my hair.

All in all it was a good night. K had a blast, after we made our rounds she was the candy "hander outer". She really enjoyed doing that! She didn't get an awful lot of candy. That is fine with me, her bag was 3/4 of the way full. We still have a bunch left over from what I bought (we are one of 4 houses on our part of the road. I figured we wouldn't get many trick-or-treaters but I'd rather be safe than sorry. There was one year we started giving out the candy K got because we ran out.

It's 9:35 and I just got K into bed about 10 minutes ago and I am exhausted. I still have more horror movies to watch so I think that is what I am going to do.
Tomorrow starts the true Holiday Season.

OH don't forget to set your clocks back if you are in the U.S.


Enough about that.

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