Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This morning started out normal. Drag myself out of bed, get K up, take the dog out and feed her. Get K's breakfast ready (pancakes and turkey bacon today) while she is getting dressed. Make her lunch, fix her hair, send her to the bus stop ( today I drove her since it is raining).
I come back home, have a cup of mint tea, since I didn't feel like brewing coffee. I'm still not feeling well or have much energy, so I decided it's a good idea to skip the gym. I don't want spread anything if I am contagious, and I just don't have the energy. I opt to lay in bed, borrowing K's new snuggie and read the book I just started last night. By the way it's not a great idea to start a scary book when DH isn't home! I decided to read the scary book I bought a couple months back since Halloween is coming and all. It's "The House" by Tedd Dekker...
Anyway, I dose off and my phone rings, I answer it, I'm still half asleep and think they are asking for DH, I tell them he isn't here. He said No Mrs. DH.... OH sorry yes this is her.
Here is my confusion. I applied for a job before we moved here (it's been about 3 months). It's a job here, military blah blah like I was doing before, just a little different. I completely forgot about it. Anyway he basically tells me the job is mine if I want it. He just needs a form and to have it endorsed by my old unit. I tell him great he gives me all his contact info and the details of what he needs and tells me I need my annual flu shot and my bi-annual HIV screening (all required military mumbo jumbo) and get that form back to him and then it's my job. I suspect he sensed apprehension in my voice because he said, with the holidays coming up it will be a month or so before anything is final, so I don't have to worry about having to report next week or anything. We hang up..

NOW a ton of questions are going through my mind, about the job, if I want to work, will I have to go through the tunnel everyday (that would be a deal breaker). I texted DH who I'm sure will be happy for me. I just don't know if I want this job. Since today is Wednesday I am going to take a day to think about it. Pray and Sleep on it, and I am sure I'll have my decision tomorrow.

Also why do we think of a ton of questions when we get off the phone with people, not while we are talking to them?! I was caught off guard by that phone call today. I just need to step back and re-group. I do love being at home, getting everything done and not being overly exhausted at the end of the day. I love being here when K get's home from school and to get her to school. I love that we can have her homework done by the time DH gets home. I also would like to have my own income to feel I am helping out monetarily around here. I have always had a job or gone to school. I have always been able to contribute financially. I am so torn.

Well, I am off to pray about this and read more of my scary book and try to keep my mind from thinking too much, it hurts. lol...



  1. you'll come up with the right decision girly! and by the way, i love the new layout!

  2. Thanks Liz... I need to talk to my other half about it but I looked it up and I do have to go through the tunnel.. That means commute would be like an hour each way... not gona work.. but we'll talk it over.