Monday, October 26, 2009

my observations of being a working mom vs Stay-at-home-mom

The window clings K and I put up today. She designed them :)

I recently quit my job. I had a great paying flexible job. Meaning I could take time off if I needed too or leave early/come in late if I needed too. It was nice to have the adult interaction and feel like I was doing something important.

We have recently moved, DH is in the Air Force, it goes with the territory.

At the moment I am not working. I may try to find a job in the future, but right now I am perfectly happy staying home. It has it's good points and bad. My observations are:

WORKING: what I miss
~the adult interaction of having a job
~ making my own money and being able to spend it how I want
~feeling like what I do daily matters to others
~ random funny things that would happen on a regular basis
~ the randomness of my day when I worked
What I don't miss:
~ waking up early and having to get ready
~trying to figure out what I am going to wear and then it not look right and have to find something else
~feeling guilty if I had to take a sick day because K was sick
~feeling guilty that I was working and not there for K when she got home from school and be able to help her with homework or have snack with her
~not having time to cook a decent dinner
~spending most of my Saturday cleaning and doing laundry because I didn't have time to do it during the week.
~being too tired or not have enough time to play games with K when she wants.

those are just a few off the top of my head.

I think even though I feel pressure to have a spotless house, workout and have a good body (I'm still working on that one!) and be "super mom". I wouldn't trade it in right now. There are some days when I don't want to do anything but I feel guilty if I don't do it. Technically it is my job now.

Right now I am going to put vacuuming and toilet scrubbing on hold to play a game with K. since she is home sick today. I love that I can do that and NOT feel guilty that I am taking a sick day especially since she isn't sick today, but she hasn't been fever free for 24 hours yet so she can't return to school. I would have felt like we were both "skipping". I can deal with not having my own money it has brought us all together more as a family. We discuss purchases now. We have more family time since all of my housework and laundry are done during the day. K helps me make a healthy delicious dinner every night and we have time to bake and do things together.

Those are just my observations.


  1. This is a struggle for every Mom I think. I have been a sahm for 15 years. I am just now getting over the guilt. :(
    I would not trade a day that I have been able to spend with my kids, but I do miss the independence of working know having the 'outside the house' relationships. But then again, I do love having my own time too, time to clean, craft, blog, etc!!
    Take care, suz

  2. Suz, I really think there isn't a "right way" to do it anymore.. I think you have to do what is right for you. Right now staying home is right for us. :)