Thursday, October 22, 2009

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy isn't good on the pocket but does great for your spirit and mind.

I have been in a funk this week. On Tuesday I told K. we'd go pick her out a Halloween costume on Wednesday. I usually make her costume every year, simply because she always wants to be some sort of animal like a skunk that isn't offered at the store in her size. Those things are usually only infant sizes.

BTW she chose Super girl and low and behold she found a wonder woman one in my size. SO YES we are going themed this year. It has been a while since I've dressed up. She told my I should be a french maid, I disagreed! But then she found Wonder Woman...

Back to my retail therapy! First I went to Rachael Ray's website and got a couple cookie sheets, lazy spoon and ladle and a scoop. These things I needed so I didn't feel bad about them. I'm excited about the spoons. Have you seen them? They have notches in them so you can rest them on your pan when you cook and it hangs over the pan and not resting in the spoon thing on the counter. That as you know all the spoons rest in and foods get mixed.. Such a smart invention!!!

Then K and I went to Target after she finished her homework. I bought stuff we needed, like her costume, new shoes for her, new slippers for us, Halloween goodies to hand out. But I also bought stuff I didn't need, and I feel bad about that! The damage is done however.

I will be going back to Target today after I leave K's school (where I volunteer in the library 2 days a week). The sign said the costumes were 15% off and I didn't get that. I wasn't going to argue in there because....are you ready for this.... I was in the 10 items or less lane... I DID NOT EVEN REALIZE until, all of my stuff was on the belt. I felt so bad, there were like 3 people behind me too. I DID exactly the thing I HATE.. a total pet peeve of mine.. I appologized like crazy to the people behind me and the checker... I even asked her if she wanted me to move to another checkout isle... she said no of course but I still felt awful none-the-less.

So I have learned that retail therapy isn't good for me. I end up not paying attention and end up in the express lane... the reason I didn't notice what lane I was in, is because they had starbucks syrup at the checkout, you know where they put stuff they want you to buy because you are standing in line. However, I in fact love the stuff.. I picked up the sugar free vanilla (for my vanilla latte's) and peppermint for our hot cocoa!

Needless to say I am finished spending money for a while! I hope :)

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