Thursday, October 29, 2009

North vs. South observation

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I have lived the majority of my life in the south. Most of it in Florida where I grew up, and about 12 years in Louisiana, the "dirty south". If you have never been to the southern states, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, even S. Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma count as the south in MY book. Then you may not understand where I am coming from with this.

Now I live in Virginia, although some still consider it the south, honey, it's a FAR cry from the south and I KNOW!!

Not only do people stare at me when I say y'all or talk for that matter.. yes the word five is pronounced fav... and time is pronounced tam (short a's) and 2 syllables, why is pronounce wha..and I even has 2 syllables.. this is just how it is.

Now that I am in Virginia, I am so thankful that I can go to out in public without my hair fixed and no makeup, flip flops, yoga pants and a t-shirt, and I do not look out of place. If you are from the south you know what I mean. Especially Texas, my goodness, I have a friend from Texas who slept with a full face of makeup because she didn't want her husband to see her without it. Honey, with me, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. Maybe I fit in better here. I don't like to do my hair everyday or wear makeup or wear my Nine West Boots or heels every time I leave the house.

I am not trying to sound demeaning against northern women AT all. I am just saying that I have observed that up here women do not feel the need to flat iron or curl their hair everyday. They don't feel the need to wear a face full of make up to drop their kid off at school. In the south I think we do that because that's how it has always been done, and Lord knows you don't want someone seein' ya lookin' a hot mess. Lord have mercy, you will be the talk of the town.

Don't get me started on how our kids look either. If you go to church or to dinner or even out shopping on a Saturday, their hair is perfect and up in bows and a pretty (very expensive) designer dress on. That is for another time. Yes I am guilty of that as well, eventually our little princess grows up and refuses to wear dresses OR bows if they are the tomboy mine is.

I have heard the saying "the women look better in the south" or "the women are prettier in the south".. Honey, let me break this to you softly. Yes they may look pretty and natural but it takes A LOT to look that way. At a bare minimum, foundation, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss ALWAYS, (you always have to have lip gloss!). The hair is blown out or curled and styled. Even if it's a pony tail is work, you have to style the front, can't just pull it back. Southern women the ones I know, and me included take at least 30-45 minutes start to finish (getting dressed included) to look natural!

I am not knocking the south either I LOVE THE SOUTH and I always will.. it's just who I am! I am just saying how nice it is to go to the store with my hair in a pony tail, pulled straight back, eye liner ONLY and maybe some lip gloss and a t-shirt and yoga pants!!!!



  1. Fair play to the women of the south! It takes organisation to look that good all the time :) And fair play to the women of the north too! Freedom is priceless :)

  2. Um, if I recall correctly, this didnt seem to bother me and you too terribly much!! Even in our Dirty South!

  3. Freedom is priceless!! and Liz I know, we just don't care.. what you see is what you get! It is easier here, you don't feel like you're being stared at as much LOL

  4. WOW I really should write these and then proof read them 30 min to an hour later. I put "herd" like a herd of cattle LOL and left out part of a sentence. I had an English teacher in college that told us to proof read 30 min or more after we are finished. Otherwise we read what we meant to write! SO TRUE