Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is my first blog. Thank you for reading it.
The choice I am trying to make right now is, What church to attend?. Church is important to me and I want to attend the one I am supposed to be at. God led, if you will. I am not a crazy religious person. I do not try to push my religion on anyone. I believe what I believe and if you believe something different that is you. If it is way off key or you are a non-believer, I will pray for you. I won't push my religion down your throat. That being said, it is important to me to find a church where I feel at home.

I have been church shopping. I know what I want. I want a contemporary service at a Baptist church. I like the contemporary service, because you can wear jeans if you want or a dress. They sing the more contemporary music. I don't have anything against traditional hymn's, I just prefer the more updated stuff. I also like the newer contemporary music, since I listen to K-LOVE most of the time and I hear the music on there. I also have to agree with the messages. I believe the Bible and that is the only book I refer too when it comes to my religion. I want sermons that I can relate too, that are taught out of the Bible. This is why I am staying with the Baptist Church.

I know we can't go into a church and be welcomed like family, but I would like people to speak and introduce themselves, not just stare with the look that says "new people, who are they?" I go to church to worship and grow my faith. Too many times church turns into a fashion and popularity contest. I am not into all of that. I don't care what others are wearing or how popular they are. The truth is in their hearts and I believe when you meet someone in church you can tell are they here because they want to be, and they love the Lord, or are they there because it's Sunday and it's the right thing to do. These people go to church because they feel they are better than other people that do not go to church, in my opinion they may as well stay at home!

I am sure I will receive a sign when we are sitting in the pews at the church that we can thrive at, that we can grow and use our spiritual gift at. In the end a church is just a building with 4 walls, it is the PEOPLE that make it what it is.


I met a lady at the gym today. She was super excited about her new church. She was telling another lady about it.. I asked her about it and I think I will visit this Sunday. God puts you where you need to be. I think this church is just what I'm looking for!
here is the link.

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