Wednesday, October 21, 2009

why do they call it customer service?

Why do they call it Customer Service? It's not Customer Service it's Company Service.

I called AT&T today to cancel my internet card account. I no longer need it since I have high speed and the service for AT&T stinks here so it was slow anyway! I went online before and paid my bill PLUS the cancellation fee of the laptop card.

I call the customer service at AT&T and they transfer me to the "cancellation department".. that in and of itself should let the person answering the phone know "hey this person is going to cancel something!" but of course they nicely told me "they will be happy to help me with that today". He goes on to ask WHY I want to cancel. I gave him the same reason as above.. He told me there will be a cancellation fee, I told him I already paid it. He then told me I could get a $20 discount on my bill the next 3 months and then I can cancel for free. I called to cancel I am going to cancel, so I tell him politely I still want to cancel. I am on hold for a while, not sure if he is giving me time to think or if it really is taking him that long to cancel my stuff. It's not customer service if you ignore what the customer wants!

I then had to call UPS. This is the 3rd month at least we got packages delivered from this company for the previous owners of this house. Each month I call UPS to have them come pick them back up. I feel bad for the driver, really I do. When I was active duty I for a time delivered parts and sometimes had to pick up stuff the customer didn't thinks was serviceable or was delivered wrong. It's a pain. However, it isn't UPS's fault and once I was able to talk to someone they were very nice and have been the past few months. The problem here is getting to speak to someone. When you call UPS they give you 4 options, none of which involve speaking to a real person, or the option I need. So I hang out and listen again, finally after the 2nd automated "I'm sorry I still didn't hear you" they give the option to push buttons and say "agent" or press "0". I press 0 they tell me, the same 4 options AGAIN and after the 2nd round of this I say "agent" FINALLY they connect me. REALLY? why can't I say agent or press "0" to begin with?!?!?! Oh BTW I called the company of the packages that keep getting delivered. They are going to stop delivery. I figured I'd give the other people time to change their address, they apparently don't care about this stuff.. therefore, I had to do something.

REALLY I wish customer service would help the customer and I wish we had the option of speaking to a real person all the time! And it's easier if that person is from my country sometimes my reception is spotty and accents are hard to understand. We are so worried about unemployment in America, these penny pinching out-sourcing companies need to buck up and pay Americans to do the job. Although I'm pretty sure it's easier to not get upset with someone who is being an idiot over the phone if you are on the other side of the world!


  1. Oh I so agree with this! It often is Company service not customer!!

    Thanks so so much for coming by my blog and becoming a follower,so great to "meet" you!

  2. Your blog is great!

    Thank your for following me back. Great to "meet" you as well.