Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I wish Hot Chocolate could fix everything

Yesterday when I had to break the news of our Beloved Hannah to my 9 year old daughter. I thought ahead and made a couple cups of hot cocoa with those tiny marshmallows in it. I knew it would comfort her to have the warm cup of good stuff, and a talk about how important Hannah was to us, and how we loved her so. It helped, by the time homework was done, she was ok. She didn't shed more tears until bed time. We let her crawl in bed with us and watch tv for about 30 min. then sent her back to bed. That seemed to work.

Today she comes home from school and I can tell something is wrong. I eventually pry it out of her that her and her little friend a few houses down had a fight. I know they are only 8 and 9 so probably by tomorrow they will be friends again. However, I made her another cup of hot cocoa and she is now doing homework and seems to be ok. Except for when I told her that maybe this weekend or next she can ask her friend to sleep over. She said "if we aren't friends why would I want her to sleep over". I told her they would make up, to which she asked if her younger sister could come too. AHHH if all our kids problems could be solved by a few words and a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows! I know as she gets older, she won't want to open up to me as much and her problems will become bigger. Lord, please help us when she starts seeing boys differently! I imagine her first break up will also call for some hot cocoa with marshmallows and a good talk.

If she is anything like her mother, she will have to learn things the HARD way. I was never good at taking advise. I had to do what I was advised NOT to do and reap the consequences. As I got older I realized that my mom and dad really did know what they were talking about.

Right now I am going to cherish the moments I have with my precious 9 year old because I know when she becomes a teenager she won't want to "hang out" with me as much, it just won't be cool. I pray that she will always feel comfortable enough to come to me with anything, that she will ask me if she has questions about mature topics and not her friends. I pray to always be close with my baby girl. However, I do realize that she doesn't need another friend she needs a mom. There is a fine line there and I don't want to cross or break it.

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